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South Park Fractured But Whole is Coming to the Switch! Great…. I guess…

   So Nintendo Just announced that South Park Fractured But Whole is coming out for Switch this April.  The game came out for all the other systems(PC/PS4/X1) back in October of 2017.  So it’s been around 6 months, that the game has been out.  Amazon, for instance has had a ton of sales on the game including one going on right now where you can get the game for PS4/X1 for $37.  So I was a little surprised to learn that the Switch version of this game will not only not come with ANY OF THE DLC.  But will also, be $59.99!  So the developers are getting a second bite of the apple on Nintendo Switch.  Which is fine, I suppose… If the game runs decently and doesn’t have a million short comings due to Nintendo’s hardware shortcomings.

   What I’m basically saying here is this.  You can get South Park Fractured But Whole right now, for less than $40 that will almost assuredly run better than the Switch game you will be paying $60 for in April.  Is portability really worth the downsides: More expensive game, worse performance, and of course waiting more than a month to play it.  If you have never purchased the game, I can’t imagine that it being on the Switch will magically spark your interest.  I thought this was going to be some kind of definitive version of the game until the video said otherwise.  Also, apparently the final DLC for the game is coming out around the Switch game’s launch.  Which is April 24th.  Which is a heck of a lot more information than we have ever had about the DLC in the past.  I just think they could have waited two months and put all the DLC together with the base game for $60.  Which would not only have been nice but it maybe would have driven some current owners of the game to buy it again.

   This just makes them look greedy.  Which maybe they are, but it’s kind of a bad look for any company.  I haven’t finished South Park Fractured But Whole, I’m around 15 hours in and there is no way that I would give up my save and start all over again.  I’m sure with the number of Nintendo Switches out there this game will do well for them.  But considering they knew that already it would have been nice to give us something, anything, to see this as anything more than a money grab.

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