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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: So Many Costumes we Couldn’t fit them in one video!(PS4/XBOXONE/PC)

     So this is pretty much the worst thing I’ve seen Capcom do in a while.  Not the fact that they have three sets of costumes that can only be purchased with real money and weren’t included in the “character pass” that launched with the game.  No, the fact that they spent all this money putting out three trailers when this only really needed one.  The “costume pass,” which is available would allow you to get all the costumes for just $29.99.  Which if you bought the character pass as well would mean you have now spent about $120.00 on this game.  Wow, who needs loot boxes, if they can be assured that any large part of their audience is willing to spent double the price of the base game to get characters and costumes that should have been in the game to begin with.

    Oh, I’m sorry you thought it was Street Fighter V that I had a problem with? No…. It’s just Capcom.

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