Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition Unboxing(Exclusive to Gamestop)


       They want $180.00 for this thing.  You know what the first thing I thought when they unboxed it.

       “Wow, it’s a lot smaller than I thought…”(that’s what she said)…


      Even though it lights up and plays music; I think you are paying $180 for a premium collectible that probably cost Capcom and the company who made it about $180 to design.  After that, they are just collecting all that money right off the top of your $60 game purchase.  To say NOTHING of how much Gamestop made out of this deal.  It would be a great piece if it was MUCH cheaper.  Like half the price, especially because most people will unbox this once and put it in a corner and never touch it again.  Just like SO MANY OTHER collector’s editions; it’s REALLY not worth the price you pay for it or any where near the price you pay for it.  I definitely think it is one of the better of the useless, over priced collector’s editions out there.  But certainly not worth buying, no matter how much you love Resident Evil.

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