Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review(PS4)


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Activision, Infinity Ward


3/5 Stars



    This review has been a long time in coming.  I’ve had a hard time deciding whether or not I’m in a objective enough position to review this game.  But because I’ve been unable to handle the content of the game in the way in which I would like  I decided this was the best way of handling it.  I didn’t want to exactly advertise for this game considering how much Activision seemed against me doing so.  But I decided I did have something to say about the game and I wasn’t willing to just let it go.  So, here we go…



      The Campaign(Or Why I’m writing this FREAKING REVIEW)


       The campaign for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is AMAZING.  The depth and complexity of the different things you can do in this game’s campaign is amazing.  It’s not necessarily amazing for games in general but for Call of Duty it was the richest most interesting campaign that I’ve ever played in Call of Duty.  The best parts of the campaign are those that you play in the Jackal.  It’s space combat done right without over doing it.  Most people don’t “really” want 100% control of a space ship.  What they want is fun space combat.  Which is exactly what Call of Duty has done.  You can’t really crash and while you certainly can be destroyed it does take some doing.  The fun part are dog fights you get into.  You can spin the Jackal, you can ascend and descend.  You are given the illusion of complete control over the ship.  But in actuality you are only MOSTLY in control of the ship.  And that’s just fine.  I don’t want to do that much work in a Call of Duty campaign.

     The rest of the campaign is split up in many different ways.  But there is very little laziness here from the developers.  They have definitely pushed the boundaries what they can do.  Even getting rid of load screens by VERY cleverly hiding them with everything from launching your ship into space to cutscenes.

       With some wonderful performances from almost every voice actor associated with this game.  I was blown away by how amazing the game related a very sci-fi military story.  The story itself may be very derivative, the execution is first class.  This was only one of the many reasons why I really love this campaign and think it is definitely one of the best campaigns that came out this year and definitely the GREATEST CAMPAIGN OF THE FRANCHISE!



        The Multiplayer(Or Oh GOD! Not again…)


       I think I lost my copy of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and ended up playing Black Ops 3 for some reason; then got them confused.  No, not really…  Actually, I say this because the two games multiplayer is SO similar that it is pretty hard to tell the two apart unless you are pretty familiar with the two.  I’m being a little reductive here.  But the hard and fast truth about the multiplayer here is that not much has changed here.  You can choose from a number of classes, which are like the heroes classes in Black Ops 3.  You can “craft” guns which basically means that now all your guns have skill trees.  Most of which you will either get from a drop box earned, or by spending real money to get said boxes.  So not too much of this changes the actual game except that some people might have a slight advantage over others if they have spent a bunch of money on loot boxes.  Which isn’t good, but it ultimately doesn’t matter too much in the end; if you play enough of it.

         The lack of change is where I have most of my problems with this game.  The lack of ACTUALLY using zero gravity or the kind of environmental hazards that appear in the single player.  They are just using regular maps for the most part with a novelty here or there that doesn’t effect the actual gameplay.  There was no push to change the locomotion from Advanced Warfare, just replicating it and slapping a different label on it.  I know there is the problem esports to consider, but to not change practically anything really makes this seem to be the laziest version of the Call of Duty multiplayer yet.



       Zombies Mode(Or Do People Actually Like this?)


    I’ve played other Zombies Modes in past Call of Duty games.  But I don’t remember them being quite as boring or as monotonous as Space Land.  The game is similar to the others, but the powers that the in game cards grant you this time seem incredibly boring.  Also, the waiting room where you wait to respawn back into the game is almost worse than looking at a respawn waiting screen.  This is a call back to old arcade games, with small group of arcade and carnival style games for you to play in order for you take some time off of your respawn timer.  But as the game progresses and you die more, it becomes much like purgatory rather than paradise.  As the games become more of a chore rather than a fun distraction.  Also, while the 80s theme is cool, it is very one note and you will soon get tired of the one liners both visual and otherwise.

     I really didn’t enjoy my time with it at all…


       So should I buy this?

   Well, no…  At least not until the price drops significantly.  Call of Duty Infinite has the best single player campaign of the entire franchise.  But that’s all it has…  Unless, of course, you haven’t played the last two Call of Duty games then I would say, go ahead you will probably be in for a nice surprise.  But any fans of the series should definitely wait for a price drop.  Because the campaign alone really isn’t worth $60.


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