Battlefield Hardline Beta(XBOX1) Impressions


         This week begins the Beta for Battlefield Hardline.  This game is EA’s answer to the question when people ask,

                 “When is the new Battlefield coming out?”

       Well, this is it, game comes out in March.  Unlike regular Battlefield you are either playing as the heavily armed and well funded cops or the heavily armed and well funded crooks.  Which makes Battlefield Hardline little more than a mod on Battlefield 4.  The campaign which sounds like it will be an episodic style(coming out all at once) that deals with an undercover cop going into a drug cartel etc…  Sounds like someone wanted to make the Battlefield version of GTA or Payday.  I love Battlefield 4, if you look at my PS4 profile you would notice that Battlefield 4 is the game I was playing the most for the first full year that the PS4 existed.  I topped out almost all the classes to the point where I’m just earning different camo styles at this point.  This game is not what I’m looking for in a Battlefield game.  The vehicles are cars, vans, and helicopters.  Which from a crooks perspective, I was like “helicopters?”

        I did play a little of this game in the alpha version and this beta version is definitely better in almost every way.  But the core is the same.  The premise is silly and kind just an excuse to have a non-war setting and non-war campaign.  But for me, that is mainly what I come to Battlefield for.  Not this silly cops and crooks game that certainly has some good new ideas.  Like being able to buy your gun and attachments, but they still are locked until you unlock them with your level or with the number of kills you get with the weapon.  Which adding them money layer on seems a little useless.  How about make everything available from the start and let us buy the stuff with our in-game currency.  But this is one of the few new things in the game.  I do appreciate that they added range to the shotgun’s effectiveness, I also think that will get knocked down when the game comes out and every squad has 3 enforcers and one sniper.

        Currently in the beta they have three modes: Heist(where crooks try to grab money and try to take it to a destination), Hotwire(where the crooks try to steal cars and control them for a certain period of time), and finally Large Conquest(which is just conquest from Battlefield 4).

       Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed by this game in the Alpha and while the Beta is better I still don’t much care for the game.  I guess I have a hard time getting over the silly concept.  But beyond that, it still just feels like an expansion to Battlefield 4.  Maybe if they were putting out at that price I would be more into it.  But currently this isn’t really looking like a $60 game even with a campaign.

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