Nintendo, Jim Sterling, and the Creator’s Club!


    The thing I can’t believe about this is that Nintendo is the third place console, people ARE moving away from dedicated handheld devices in favor of phones and tablets.  So why does Nintendo think they need less advertising and less PR.  Certainly not bad PR like this.  I would be begging my stuff to be featured on Youtubers and Streamers Channels not trying to gouge them every time they do.  I don’t often agree with Jim Sterling but I think he has hit the nail on the head here.  I hope all the Youtubers and Streamers simply ignore Nintendo.  I also hope that game journos consider Nintendo’s position when promoting them(because so many are Nintendo Fanboys).
     Nintendo doesn’t understand PR, that was obvious from their wishy washy stance at Evolution a few years back.  But jeez, if you don’t understand it; hire someone who does.

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