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Mod Tools not yet out for PS3 version of UT3.

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December 12, 2007 – If you’ve already purchased a copy of Epic’s Unreal Tournament 3, you may have noticed you can’t yet load in mods. Before users can actually start making mods work for PS3, Epic apparently needs to release special PS3 tools, which Epic producer Jeff Morris assures us will be available soon.

“By far the superior method of explaining this is that mod creators should begin creating mods,” said Morris in an email. “Once the tools come out (they will be available soon) players can port them to the PS3, but since they’ll work the same way on the PC as the PS3, creators should get busy! Additionally, there is always a delay between a UT game and when mods start to appear. PS3 is no different.”

Jeff went on to explain, step-by-step, the process for transferring the mods from your PC to your PS3.

  • Save the PS3 folder (per mod) to your SD card (or USB drive).
  • Run UT3 on PS3
  • Insert SD card into PS3
  • Go to My Community User Content
  • Select Import Content
  • Import from the SD card”IGN…

This is all very understandable but the lack of advertising and the problems with PS3 game development on the whole makes this just another slap in the face to Sony. Also, Epic needs to get going on something for this game. There seems to be this general lack of interest and it was relatively hard to get the information above. Some people think that the PS3 game WON’T except mods ever. Which is wrong but the total silence out there just doesn’t seem to be helping anyone.

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