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Burnout Paradise PS3 and XBOX 360 Demos. It’s SO GOOD!

What is up on XBOX LIVE and Playstation Network are two identical demos that allow the player to get a feel for Burnout Paradise. Both games look exactly the same on each console. There don’t seem to be any performance or graphical issues with either system. I currently have a lot more friends on XBOX LIVE so I will probably buy the XBOX 360 version. But that’s just me, there is NO REASON to be console conscious when thinking of buying this game.

The game allows you to drive freely through an open city and take on Burnout style challenges like Burning route, Race, or Road Rage. Of what is in the demo they are very challenging. But these aren’t the reason to buy the game. The reason is the online multiplayer. It’s like playing a Burnout MMO or a REALLY good version of Test Drive Unlimited. The game should have allowed for MANY MORE players online at once but perhaps this will be in Burnout Paradise 2. I want to be online from the moment I turn on the game and play with ANYONE on the server. Like 16-30 people. Not just 4… It’s just not fun playing alone! I REALLY LOVE the game. But playing with people, doing takedowns, near misses, and crazy tricks makes this game worth any price for admission. I can only hope there will be tons of DLC to keep this game going until Criterion can make Burnout Paradise 2. It will probably be the bestselling racing game of the year and probably the BEST RACING GAME OF THE YEAR of 2008. Get your copy on Jan 22nd!

No matter your taste in games, Burnout Paradise will make you happy. Head down to Paradise City this January, ir won’t let you down….

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