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Child Neglect grows into a Lawsuit aimed at XBOX LIVE fees!

“InformationWeek reports that a Georgia resident is suing Microsoft for consumer fraud because he claims his underage son used his debit card to subscribe to Xbox Live and automatically renewed the subscription without authorization.

In a class action suit, Georgia resident Francisco Garcia claims that in October 1995 his son, Silvario, used his debit card to buy a $49.99, one-year subscription to Xbox Live. The service lets Xbox owners play games like Halo 3 against each other over the Internet.

A year later, Garcia claims, Microsoft automatically billed him for an additional year of Xbox Live without his knowledge or consent. He contends that the charge sent his checking account into overdraft, and that his bank slapped him with a $35.00 penalty.

By accepting a subscription from a minor and automatically renewing it without consent, Microsoft “fraudulently induced a contractual relationship for Xbox Live services,” Garcia claims in his suit.Teamxbox…

First and foremost there was no XBOX or XBOX Live in 1995? So I think they probably meant 2005? Looks like a typo to me. But let’s assume it’s true… So it’s Microsoft’s fault this father can’t keep track of his debit card? And it’s Microsoft’s fault that the father is TOO STUPID to cancel his kids XBOX LIVE account after the first time it happened? Perhaps Family services should get involved and find this kid a parent who isn’t as irresponsible and stupid as his kid.

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