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Guitar Hero 3 sells great and now there might be shortages?

“Activision expects “unprecedented” inventory of the recently-released Guitar Hero III, but even at that, the firm warns of possible shortages of the smash hit.”Competitively, we expect the Guitar Hero franchise to be the winner at retail this holiday,” said CEO Robert Kotick during Activision’s quarterly earnings call. “We have huge early consumer response, well before the heavy-selling periods of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have an unprecedented amount of global supply, and the product is available now on all console platforms.” Next Generation…

OK, this is getting a little crazy. Has everybody with a big expensive thing to sell this holiday season chimed in about limited supply. Let’s see we have:

Rock Band (EA says we just can’t make them fast enough!)

Guitar Hero 3 (story above)

Nintendo Wii (Reggie says they will be hard to find, even though you can find them easily right now)

IPODs(Expect this announcement soon, it happens every year and ir usually happens)

What’s next? My guess is that either the XBOX 360 or PS3 will have the same announcement soon.

Will all this come true? Probably not… But hey, who knows…

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