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Wiiyourstory, don’t play games just talk about them!

As yet another example of Nintendo’s arrogance about the success of their console they have launched Wiiyourstory a place where people can post their experiences with their Wii. Yes, this is their E3 press event all over again. This is either a way for them to get more material for next E3 or just a blatant publicity site for their PR group to post stories and get people on their preferred list who get free games and hardware to post as well. Nintendo doesn’t want to work with the press through normal channels and prefer to do things like this. Which just smacks of complete arrogance on Nintendo’s part; saying, “Hey, we are SO GREAT that everybody wants to tell you how GREAT we are!”
Sorry, guys you haven’t cured cancer, prevented global warming, or brought us world peace. You’ve made a toy that is masquerading as a game system.

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