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Heavenly Sword Chap.3-The End(Final)

Allright, I know that if you have been following so far that I’ve gone chapter by chapter. Well, that was all right back at the beginning where there was more to discuss but as the game goes on you are just doing the same things you were in the beginning.
There are some really good scenes in the game with lots of drama and depth but most of this takes place in finely rendered cutscenes. I love the style and beauty of the game but the repetitive gameplay is terrible. I never want to fire another ball at a catapult again. This game has a lot of potential stirring in it. I would say that Heavenly Sword 2 will probably be one of the best action games out there. But they have to drop the aftertouch. They have to drop the stupid context sensitive cutscenes.
The final battle is probably the most annoying and it should have been the most fun. Why didn’t they give the Heavenly Sword special powers or a special set of combos right at the end? Why wasn’t the whole last battle context sensitive cutscenes, which could have really been cool. I know I just said I hated them, but considering they are too present in the rest of the game; in order to make the final battle more epic it would have been cool if they had done that. There were so many options they could have taken advantage of, that they didn’t. I really love the idea and most of the execution of Heavenly Sword but there were just so many things that could have been fixed. For these reasons and many others that I have all ready discussed I give the very short, very pretty, Heavenly Sword a 7.5/10. Rent the game and see if you like it before you buy it, because you will probably end up beating within just a few days from when you bought it.

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