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Heavenly Sword Chapter 3 Part 3!

All right this is concerning the third chapter where you finally get to finish off some of the boss characters from earlier in the game. The best part of the this chapter are the areas where you get to control Nuriko, rather than those where you must use Kia. I truly do like Kia’s character but the problem with her is that what you must do with her is too much trial and error. No one is going to be able to play through her missions just one time without restarting at, at least one checkpoint.. The other problem that develops a little more in this chapter as well are the horrible finishing off the boss or trying to get through a section using only context sensitive actions.
This is just a bad way to make a game. In these cases and in all most every case of context sensitive cutscenes, I would much rather just watch the cutscene than have to do something during it. I understand that developers can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that games succeed in spite of their context sensitive cutscenes not because of them.
I still really love the game, but as things get more crazy both in battle and playing Kia; I beginning to wonder if they couldn’t have mixed up some the action with new enemy types or maybe some kind of monsters that could show the real power of the Heavenly Sword. I just keep wanting an opportunity to use the sword to the fullest. No cannons, no crossbows, no catapults, just the Heavenly Sword. You know, the name of the game!

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