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Heavenly Sword Chapter 2.5 Part 2!

Seems that Chapter 2 is a heck of a lot bigger than Chapter 1. So I’m round half way through maybe a little more. The game has a couple of really big problems as I can see it.
First, don’t make a game where progress is Dependant on contextual action cutscenes. It seriously screws up not only the progress, but also makes the player pretty frustrated.
Second, don’t use the same contextual action cutscenes to finish off boss fights. Therefore, when you have a bossfight that last forever and when you cannot even kill the boss in the end; it gets kind of crazy.
Finally and most importantly, don’t use aftertouch for 40% of the game. There is just too much of it; in this short game.
I absolutely love Heavenly Sword. The fighting the cool combos, there just isn’t anything cooler. I also love the art style. The voice acting and the amazing facial features on the characters. The drama this game conveys is so incredible, it is as good as any movie. I just wish the game was longer and without the aftertouch.

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