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Hey, Mass Media, Halo has been around since 2001. Where were you?

Since the launch of Halo 3 the mass media is acting as though this thing came out of no where. The reason it did $150 million is that it is a well established franchise liked Madden, you know guys, the football game. And a lot of people know about it. So having actors, random gaming press, and rock stars give interviews about it, like it is some kind of new story opening on Rodeo Drive is really ridiculous.
The worst part is when they start calling it the Next Generation of games where the movies and games blur the line. I’m sorry, in a media where the main character never takes off his helmet and you can’t see their face; cannot be evenly compared with a dramatic medium. Besides the fact that Halo as a whole is a relatively simplistic story built around gameplay elements. This isn’t a novel or movie people and if you think it is, perhaps you should review what makes up each.
Finally, if you want a ground breaking, mind blowing, first person shooter that blurs the line between movies and games: play Bioshock. It came out about a month ago. It has a story so deep it references novels and dead philosophers. Just don’t start saying that this stuff like:

“Timeless all most… For the generation that’s out there right now..”Sundance Digiovanni…

Because first off, if something is timeless it can’t be just for the current generation . Sundance, stick to gaming leagues. Not doing interviews about video games that your only expertise in is that you play them. This came from the Sci-Fi Channel show. “Sci Fi versus Halo 3.” I found it to be the pinnacle of all things redundant about Halo and that they just needed to fill a half hour.
I guess nothing is important to the mainstream media until it sells well. But when they start making sweeping statements they should do some research first; because it just makes them look really stupid.

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