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Q&ATurn 10 on Forza 2’s 11 new rides – from GameSpot

“One of Forza’s strengths is its diversity. This pack really highlights that diversity. We’ve got a race-ready turbo diesel (the Audi R10) right next to a low-performance class inline 4 (the Honda Civic Si Coupe) with tons of upgrade potential. This pack contains cars with classic tires and race compounds. It’s got front-weighted front-wheel drive (Honda Civic Type-R) and rear-weighted rear-wheel drive (Porsche 911 GT3 RS). It’s got America muscle (Dodge Challenger) and rally-inspired European hot hatches (SEAT Leon Cupra). If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Porsche GT3 RS–what an amazing car. With 415 horsepower, an 8,400rpm redline, and a performance-tuned exhaust, the GT3 RS provides a driving experience (street or circuit) that is truly extraordinary.”Gamespot

Just in case you are wondering what we are all wondering.. Where are the new tracks? Here is your answer:

GS: After this release, we’ll have two DLC car packs. When can we expect new tracks or other goodies in Forza 2? Care to drop any hints on what you have planned next?

DG: We have a lot more in store for the rabid Forza community. It’s much easier to “quickly” turn around a cars pack than a track pack. Of course, “quickly” being a relative term in next-gen game production. Tracks take upwards of 3 to 5 months to build, plus testing and iteration time–not to mention the reference collection and coordination trips. That said, DLC tracks are on the way. We started working on DLC tracks at the same time we started the Nissan pack.”Gamespot

Certainly some good news for anyone still playing Forza 2, too bad this comes with the knowledge that in about two weeks we will be playing PGR 4. Somehow it seems like this was a missed opportunity by the Turn 10 folks…

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