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WSVG is no more?

“World Series of Video Games cancelled

Games Media Properties pulls the plug on the competition series, cites spiralling costs.
By Emma Boyes, GameSpot UK

Posted Sep 13, 2007 5:39 am PT

In a surprise announcement, New York-based company Games Media Properties has announced that the World Series of Video Games has been cancelled.

The pro-gaming competition was partway through its 2007 series, and upcoming events in Los Angeles, London, and Sweden will now not be taking place.

A notice on the former World Series of Video Games Web site states that gamers who have already competed in events and are due prizes will receive their cash “once the requisite paperwork is completed.”

The company has cited “continuing challenges of securing adequate revenues to sustain the production of the large-scale events and television programming, in a very crowded field of competitive gaming leagues” as the reason for the rather abrupt cancellation of the event. Games Media Properties is now “reevaluating its direction as an organisation,” and will now be focusing on its online advertising Web site network.

The WSVG was a multiple-platform video game competition circuit and had previously held competitions for games like Warcraft III, Quake 4, Halo 2, and Project Gotham Racing 3.”

The thing I find so amazing about this story is that every video game league seems to be so completely flying under the radar. So does this mean that unless you have a big corporate sponsor who doesn’t care whether they are televised or not; your league has no chance? I don’t know, but I think there is more to the end of the WSVG than what we have been told.

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